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TCI 2021 Year In Review

We've been busy!

2021 was challenging for all of us.  We hope you, your family and friends have been safe through the pandemic.  TCI is very pleased to highlight a few of our accomplishments from this challenging, but successful year.


Herridge Main

5 Years in Service

In 2016, TCI carbon fibre was applied to 6 km of 1600mm PCCP Wastewater pipe.  The Region of Peel investigated this pipe in 2021 to find the internal coating is fully intact and functioning, 5 years after application.  

“The Region was originally introduced to TCI in 2016 as part of the repair of the 1500mm Heridge Feeder Main… To date the Region has had Excellent success with the use of TCI products.”

Anthony Parente, P.Eng.

General Manager, Water and Wastewater

Region of Peel


Cawthra Main

Region of Peel

In 2021, TCI commenced the rehabilitation of 1.5 km of 1500mm pipe using our TCI 855 SPL Protec Strong with Cole Engineering.


YDSS Inlet and outlet chambers

In 2021, TCI completed inlet and outlet chambers floor coatings Product using TCI 855SPL.


Dundas Water Treatment plant

In 2021, TCI completed coated structural beams using the TCI 955 Shield Strong.


West Trunk

In 2021, TCI commenced the rehabilitation of 3 km of 2400mm pipe using our TCI 955 Shield Strong with Hatch Engineering.

Benefits of TCI:

  • Bond strength between 600 to 1000 psi on pull tests means coatings will no delaminate
  • 10-year warranty on all coatings and products.
  • Ability to cure under water allows infrastructure t be put back into service earlier.
  • Minimal preparation required making it easier to apply than typical coatings. 

For more information on TCI projects please contact Brad Caister – bcaister@tcicarbonfibre.com

The TCI Family of Products

TCI products are specially formulated for structural protection and repair of existing infrastructure. In addition, TCI protective coating systems can be applied at the pre-construction phase to protect and extend the service life of special infrastructure (Tunnels, wastewater trunks, water pipes, water treatment plants, etc.).