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The Largest project of it’s kind in Canada

Herridge Feeder Main 1500mm

The 1500mm Herridge Feedermain is a Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP), approximately 6 km long, exhibiting signs of deterioration. The pipe was dormant for 2 years with fears of catastrophic failure that required rehabilitation.

Based on the degree of deterioration, the CFRP renewal systems were designed either as a stand-alone or as a composite system with the concrete inner core of the PCCP. The feedermain runs under major crowded roads/highways, where it was extremely difficult to repair/renew the feedermain through excavation. Hence, the trenchless technique was required.

TCI CarbonStrong SPL structural liner, combined with TCI ProTecStrong SPL  protective coating system were used to renew the existing feedermain and provide the required environmental protection for both the concrete and the CFRP repair material.

TCI introduced a new termination joint specifically developed for CFRP renewal of PCCP watermains. The new termination detail and TCI coating system passed a comprehensive water tightness testing, where TCI products have shown that the finished coating system can withstand at least triple the applied internal pressure without showing any signs of leakages, especially at the CFRP termination joints.

The feedermain was put into service in late 2016 and is currently working fine with no issues.

Cawthra - 1500mm Sanitary Sewer Pipe

Pipe size- 1500mm pipe

Length of pipe- 1.5 KM

TCI product used- TCI ProtecStrong 855-SPL

Prep work-5000 PSI pressure wash

Reason for project- New coating liner

Completion date- March 2021

Engineering firm- Cole engineering

Duke of York 1200mm Sanitary Sewer Pipe

Pipe size- 1200mm pipe

Length of pipe- 1.7 KM

Prep work-5000 PSI pressure wash

TCI product used- TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL and TCI ProtecStrong 855-R (Repair)

Reason for project- New coating liner

Completion date- FEB 2022

Engineering firm- Hatch

West Trunk CPL

Pipe size- 2400mm

Prep work- 5000PSI pressure wash

Length of pipe- 3km

TCI product used- TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL and TCI ProtecStrong 855-R (Repair)

Reason for project- New coating liner

Completion date- Ongoing

Engineering firm- Hatch

York Region

Product- TCI ProtecStrong 855SPL

Prep work- 5000 PSI power wash

Location- York Region (YDSS) Inlet and outlet chambers floor coatings

Dundas Waste Water treatment plant

Product – TCI ShieldStrong 955

Prep- Mechanical Grind/Sand

Location- Dundas Water Treatment plant

Designed By Professionals

All of TCI’s design work is prepared and reviewed by competitive professionals who have extensive experience in the design and application of CFRP products.

TCI can provide designs from inception to completion.

TCI Carbon Fibre is revolutionizing the renewal and repair of:

The TCI Family of Products

TCI products are specially formulated for structural protection and repair of existing infrastructure. In addition, TCI protective coating systems can be applied at the pre-construction phase to protect and extend the service life of special infrastructure (Tunnels, wastewater trunks, water pipes, water treatment plants, etc.).