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Why TCI Products?

TCI products were especially formulated for structural protection and repair of existing infrastructure. In addition, TCI protective coating systems can be applied at the preconstruction phases to protect and extend the service life of special infrastructure (Tunnels, wastewater trunks, water pipes, water treatment plants, etc.).

Features of TCI products include:

  • 100% solid and 100% solvent free
  • NSF 61 and NSF 372 approved for Potable water applications
  • Provide excellent protection against aggressive environmental exposures, especially sulfuric acid and other chemicals usually found in wastewater plants and trunks

  • Quick back to service in as little as 48 hours
  • Cost saving due to lower number of layers, required to restore the strength capacity of structural members

  • Proven long-term durability testing after severe wastewater exposure

  • Enhance the water flow conditions in the repaired pipe
  • Excellent for Buckling design of CFRP Liner
  • Long-term water tightness in pressurized pipes

  • Help increase the working pressure of existing pipes
  • Can be designed as stand-alone pipe, composite system with the existing pipe, and as a protective coating
  • Can be used to renew existing pipes of different materials (steel pipes, Reinforced concrete pipes RCP, and Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipes PCCP)
  • Easy to install in a wet lay-up process and forming irregular surfaces
  • Can be used for repair, rehabilitation, and strengthening of existing buildings and infrastructures
  • Seismic retrofitting of existing structures
  • High tensile and flexural strength compared to other construction materials

Our Products:

TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL

TCI would like to introduce TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL to the it’s family of products. TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL is a “COST EFFECTIVE” Protective Coating system, consisting of thermoset epoxy, 100% solid, zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).TCI ShieldStrong 955-PL has been developed for protecting concrete, masonry, steel and brick substrates against aggressive environmental and chemical conditions and is based on existing TCI systems that have been in service for many years.

    • Ideal “COST EFFECTIVE” protective coating system for sewer and wastewater facilities
    • TCI ShieldStrong requires minimal surface preparation to achieve some of the highest bond strength in the industry
    • It can be applied on damp surfaces as well as dry
    • The flexural strength and modulus of this product was found to be in the range of 4,00 Psi [27.5 Mpa] and 96 Ksi [665 Mpa] respectively. Even though TCI 955 is not meant for structural repair, it has good mechanical properties in addition to its flexibility which allows a 10% deformation ratio
    • TCI 955 has excellent sulfuric acid resistance, retaining 90% of its original flexural strength and 70% of its flexural modulus after being exposed to a 10% sulfuric acid solution for 1,000 hours
    • Can be applied by brushing, rolling, troweling or spraying with a recommended thickness of 1 mm for new construction. For deteriorated concrete, the thickness may vary according to the substrate conditions

    Mechanical Properties PDF Download


TCI ProTecStrong 855-SPL (Structural Protective Liner)

ProTecStrong SPL is a structural protective liner composite system comprised of thermoset epoxy and milled glass fibre. The system is developed for use as structural protective repair material as well as non-structural protective coating. The product is especially formulated for use in potable water and wastewater facilities to protect concrete, brick, masonry, and steel surfaces against sulfuric acid, gases, and other chemicals usually found in the wastewater headspace.

  • Exclusive high bond strength to existing substrates
  • Can be applied on dry and damp/moist surfaces
  • Long-term protection of chemical and harsh environment
  • Easy to apply and long recoat window
  • Retain at least 70% of its original mechanical properties after 50 years of chemical exposure
  • 1.6mm [1/16 inch] thick coating is able to protect the substrate from chemical attack for a long-term exposure
  • It’s the right product to strengthen, repair, and protect your structure
  • Material Data Sheets are available upon request for more information
  • At over 3mm in thickness, it can be used as a structural fix, as a structural patching compound for cracks in concrete holes in concrete and spalling of concrete. TCI will provide structural engineering for such uses.

  • NSF 61 approved and tested!!

TCI CarbonStrong SPL

CarbonStrong CS Composite is comprised of Thermoset Saturating Epoxy and Carbon Fibre Fabric to form a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) laminate used to strengthen and/or upgrade structural elements.

  • All components are UL listed; NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and NSF 372 certified product for drinking water facilities
  • Meets the design criteria of ACI 440, CSA S806, and CSA S16
  • Long pot life time and ambient cure
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • 0% VOL and 100% solvent-free
  • Non-corrosive, non-magnetic and non-conductive
  • Long-term resistance to chemicals
  • Light weight, adds negligible dead load to structure
Depending on the degree of deterioration in the existing pipe and the extent of structural repair and rehabilitation, the CFRP liners can be designed as follows:
  • Stand-alone system:
    • CFRP Stand-Alone system is required when the existing host pipe is severely deteriorated and does not have the required capacity to resist the applied external and/or the internal loads.
    • The CFRP system is designed to fully support the following loads:
      • External hydrostatic pressure
      • Soil fill and any other surcharge loads
      • The internal pressure
      • The internal vacuum pressure (if any)
  • Composite system with the existing pipe:
    • CFRP system can be designed as a composite system with the existing host pipe in cases where the host pipe is partially deteriorated.
    • The host pipe and the CFRP system share the applied external and internal pressure.
    • Composite design of CFRP requires a smaller number of CFRP plies and leads to a more economical design. Usually two or three layers of CFRP is adequate to resist the applied loads.
  • Protective coat:
    • The thickness of the CFRP is determined based on the project’s service life and the severity of the aggressive environment inside the pipe. Generally, the number of CFRP plies does not exceed two.
    • Protection of Waste Water Facilities against aggressive chemicals.
    • CFRP or Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymers (GFRP) liners can be applied to provide a protection layer against aggressive environmental conditions.
    • The host pipe is assumed to be able to fully resist the applied external and internal loads with no load sharing with the CFRP liner.

Epoxy Primers

  • TCI 800-D:

    High strength thermoset epoxy primer especially formulated to be used in Sewer Pipes when the surface of the substrate is in Saturated Surface Dry (SSD) conditions.  ANSI/NSF 61 approved for potable water pipes and water tanks. 100% solid, zero VOC

  • TCI 800-W:

    A thermoset epoxy primer especially formulated to be applied on moist or wet substrate. It allows the concrete surface to be sealed once it’s fully cured, typically within 24 hours after application. 100% solid, zero VOC

Epoxy Saturant

  • TCI 300-S:

    A two component, 100% solids, thermoset epoxy system. Its low viscosity and long pot life characteristics make it ideal to saturated carbon and glass fibre fabrics for use in wet layup composite applications. TCI-300-S components are ANSI/NSF 61 & NSF 372 certified for use in potable water facilities

Epoxy Butter

  • TCI 200-B:

    A two component, 100% solids, thermoset epoxy paste. High mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals make it ideal for the strengthening and protection of concrete elements. It can be used as a tack coat in wet lay-up applications of carbon/glass fibre reinforced polymers. TCI-200-B components are ANSI/NSF 61 & NSF 372 certified for use in potable water facilities

    • It is a structural patching compound  
    • Can be used to patch concrete holes, cracks, spalling.
    • It can also be used as the tack coat for wet layup.

High Strength Fibre

  • Carbon Fibre Fabric:
    TCI C-850
    TCI CS850 is a proprietary high tensile strength, stitch bonded, Carbon Fibre Fabric. The material is combined with TCI-300-S Epoxy to form a Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (“CFRP”) laminate used to strengthen and/or upgrade structural elements
  • Glass Fibre Fabric:
    TCI G-500
    TCI G-500 is a proprietary high tensile strength, stitch bonded, Glass Fibre Fabric. The material is combined with TCI-300-S Epoxy to form a Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (“GFRP”) laminate used to strengthen and/or upgrade structural elements
All TCI listed products are designed as a system to work in conjunction with one another, all made of the same base thermoset epoxy.
Superior bond strength to substrates.
TCI is committed to developing new products. Visit our website for new product releases.

TCI products undergo rigorous 3rd-party testing and each product is designed to strengthen and protect all concrete surfaces including:


Infrastructure includes all Public Work systems that every City needs to function properly, such as water & waste water transmission lines, treatment plants, roads, tunnels, railways, bridges, energy plants, telecommunication towers, and many more. These structures require large capital investment and various maintenance programs that can be very costly in the long-term. In most cases, very tough decisions have to be made when renewing/rehabilitating infrastructure while keeping it in service.

TCI offers a wide range of repair and environmental protection materials that can save municipalities budgets at the time of construction and as well as the operational phases of infrastructure projects. TCI’s high-strength products offer strong environmental protection, and long-service life and allows engineers to select the right material for the right goal.

Whether you are repairing an existing bridge, a silo structure, renewing existing pipeline, upgrading water or wastewater plant, contact TCI to connect you with our professional engineers to discuss your needs and get advice and help you to select the right and most suitable product for your project.

Water & Wastewater Pipes

Water transmission pipes & Wastewater trunks are major arteries in our Cities. Beside the tremendous capital cost to construct water & wastewater piping systems, maintaining the functionality of these systems at all operational & environmental conditions is very costly, and sometimes, it’s difficult to keep these systems in service while doing the repair work. Hence, proper initial design and protection measures allows these systems to stay in-service for a long time.

TCI has developed special structural repair and environmental protection products that allow:

  • Protection of pipes from harsh environments usually found in sewer headspace.
  • Restore the structural capacity of deteriorated pipes through trenchless technology application.
  • Complete renewal of fully deteriorated pipes through trenchless technology application.

TCI offers products for protective liners as well as products for structural repair and complete renewal of existing pipes, culverts, and sewer trunks using Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) and structural liners. 

Extremely high bond strength to existing moist/damp concrete surfaces allows TCI coating system to stay adhered to the substrates under high negative hydrostatic pressure. Our products were proved to resist at least 14 bars of negative hydrostatic pressure with at least a safety factor of 2.

Consult our professional engineers to get advice on the most suitable products for your needs. Get more detailed information about TCI ProTecStrong SPL and TCI CarbonStrong SPL.

Manholes & Chambers

Manholes & chambers are auxiliary elements in the water and wastewater systems that allow access and maintenance of underground structures. Chambers usually accommodate very expensive equipment. Therefore, proper design and protection of new manholes and chambers can extend the service life of these structures and lower the operation cost on the long run.

Existing manholes and chambers, especially those built decades ago, may exhibit severe deterioration and may need rehabilitation, upgrade, repair, or sometimes complete renewal. TCI products are formulated to provide the best protection barrier as well as structural strength to your concrete (precast or cast-in-place), brick, or masonry manholes & chambers.

Damp substrate or leaking cracks in existing manholes or chambers are not obstacles for proper application of TCI products. TCI has the right product for you. Extremely high bond strength to existing concrete surfaces is one of our high-end goals, allowing TCI products to be applied on damp/moist substrates.

Whether you have a new project for manholes & chambers, or repairing/rehabilitating existing ones, consult TCI technicians to discuss what products are most suitable for your needs.

Reservoirs & Wet Wells

Concrete reservoirs & wet wells may exhibit deterioration problems due to corrosion of steel rebar, embedded in the concrete. Waterproofing of concrete surfaces in direct contact with water will help extend the service life of your reservoir.

Waterproofing of internal concrete surfaces in reservoirs and wet wells provides damp-proof barrier on the other side of the walls (in dry wells and equipment rooms)

TCI ProTecStrong SPL as well as TCI CarbonStrong SPL are NSF 61 certified and approved for potable water applications, offering one of the best options for the rehabilitation, repair, and strengthening of concrete surfaces in potable water structures such as reservoirs and wet wells.

Experience the high strength, high tensile modulus, and high chemical protection of your concrete surfaces by using TCI products.

Extremely high bond strength to existing concrete surfaces ensures permanent adhesion of our coating system under the effect of high negative hydrostatic pressure.

Consult TCI technicians to discuss what products are most suitable for your needs.

Settling Tanks

Settling tanks (Clarifiers) are major parts of wastewater treatment plants, in which suspended particles in the wastewater are allowed to settle and providing a level of purification. The accumulated sludge at the bottom of the tanks is periodically removed.

Concrete surfaces in settling tank are exposed to harsh conditions from the biological and chemical components in the wastewater. Chemical protection of concrete in settling tanks is one of our major goals in extending the service life of your wastewater treatment plant.

Call TCI and ask about ProTecStrong SPL, our high-end product which passed a comprehensive testing program and proved to be one of the best protective liner in the industry. Our products can be used to protect concrete surfaces in the construction phase of your plant as well as in the rehabilitation/upgrade phase of existing plants.

Damp or moist concrete surfaces, leaking cracks, deteriorated concrete, corrosion of steel bars, high negative hydrostatic pressure, and many more unfavorable conditions ARE NOT a problem in applying TCI products.

Consult TCI technicians to discuss what products are most suitable for your needs.

Aeration Tanks

Aeration tanks in a wastewater treatment plant are used to clear water in a stage known as secondary treatment process, where high levels of oxygen are introduced by pumping air into the treated water mass. The concrete surfaces in aeration tanks, if not properly protected, may suffer from bio-deterioration.  

Bio-deterioration can lead to damages in the concrete surfaces due to acid attack caused by the nitrifying biofilm covering the tank surface. Therefore, chemical protection of aeration tanks is vital to preserve concrete and extend the service life of a wastewater treatment plant.

TCI offers exclusively high chemical resistant coating system, which has proved to be stable and resistive to chemical environment and acid solutions usually found in the wastewater treatment plant environment. TCI protective coating systems passed many Extreme Wastewater Analysis Tests (SWAT), which is an accelerated test of the harsh environment in wastewater treatment plants.

Consult TCI technicians to discuss what products are most suitable for your needs.

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