Infrastructure includes all Public Work systems that every City needs to function properly, such as water & wastewater pipes, treatment plants, roads, tunnels, railways, bridges, energy plants, telecommunication towers, and many more. These structures require large capital investment and various maintenance programs that can be very costly in the long-term. In most cases, very tough decisions have to be made when renewing/rehabilitating infrastructure while keeping it in service.

TCI offers a wide range of repair and environmental protection/rehabilitation materials that can help project new assets during construction or rehabilitate/repair assets already in service and starting to fail.

TCI’s high-strength products offer strong environmental protection, and long-service life and allows engineers to select the right material for the right goal.

Whether you are repairing infrastructure (such as rehab on a bridge, forcemain, sewer, silo structure, etc., upgrading a water or wastewater plant/pump station, etc.), renewing existing pipeline, upgrading a water or wastewater plant, contact TCI to connect you with our professional engineers to discuss your needs and get advice and help you to select the right and most suitable product for your project.

Designed By Professionals

All of TCI’s design work is prepared and reviewed by competitive professionals who have extensive experience in the design and application of CFRP products.

TCI can provide designs from inception to completion.

TCI Carbon Fibre is revolutionizing the renewal and repair of:

The TCI Family of Products

TCI products are specially formulated for structural protection and repair of existing infrastructure. In addition, TCI protective coating systems can be applied at the pre-construction phase to protect and extend the service life of special infrastructure (Tunnels, wastewater trunks, water pipes, water treatment plants, etc.).