Aeration Tanks

Aeration tanks in a wastewater treatment plant are used to clear water in a stage known as secondary treatment process, where high levels of oxygen are introduced by pumping air into the treated water mass. The concrete surfaces in aeration tanks, if not properly protected, may suffer from bio-deterioration.  

Bio-deterioration can lead to damages in the concrete surfaces due to acid attack caused by the nitrifying biofilm covering the tank surface. Therefore, chemical protection of aeration tanks is vital to preserve concrete and extend the service life of a wastewater treatment plant.

TCI offers exclusively high chemical resistant coating system, which has proved to be stable and resistive to chemical environment and acid solutions usually found in the wastewater treatment plant environment. TCI protective coating systems passed many Extreme Wastewater Analysis Tests (SWAT), which is an accelerated test of the harsh environment in wastewater treatment plants.

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