Settling Tanks

Settling tanks (Clarifiers) are major parts of wastewater treatment plants, in which suspended particles in the wastewater are allowed to settle and providing a level of purification. The accumulated sludge at the bottom of the tanks is periodically removed.

Concrete surfaces in settling tank are exposed to harsh conditions from the biological and chemical components in the wastewater. Chemical protection of concrete in settling tanks is one of our major goals in extending the service life of your wastewater treatment plant.

Call TCI and ask about ProTecStrong SPL, our high-end product which passed a comprehensive testing program and proved to be one of the best protective liner in the industry. Our products can be used to protect concrete surfaces in the construction phase of your plant as well as in the rehabilitation/upgrade phase of existing plants.

Damp or moist concrete surfaces, leaking cracks, deteriorated concrete, corrosion of steel bars, high negative hydrostatic pressure, and many more unfavorable conditions ARE NOT a problem in applying TCI products.

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