Reservoirs & Wet Wells

Concrete reservoirs & wet wells may exhibit deterioration problems due to corrosion of steel rebar, embedded in the concrete. Waterproofing of concrete surfaces in direct contact with water will help extend the service life of your reservoir.

Waterproofing of internal concrete surfaces in reservoirs and wet wells provides damp-proof barrier on the other side of the walls (in dry wells and equipment rooms)

TCI ProTecStrong SPL as well as TCI CarbonStrong SPL are NSF 61 certified and approved for potable water applications, offering one of the best options for the rehabilitation, repair, and strengthening of concrete surfaces in potable water structures such as reservoirs and wet wells.

Experience the high strength, high tensile modulus, and high chemical protection of your concrete surfaces by using TCI products.

Extremely high bond strength to existing concrete surfaces ensures permanent adhesion of our coating system under the effect of high negative hydrostatic pressure.

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