Water & Wastewater Pipes

Water transmission pipes & Wastewater trunks are major arteries in our Cities. Beside the tremendous capital cost to construct water & wastewater piping systems, maintaining the functionality of these systems at all operational & environmental conditions is very costly, and sometimes, it’s difficult to keep these systems in service while doing the repair work. Hence, proper initial design and protection measures allows these systems to stay in-service for a long time.

TCI has developed special structural repair and environmental protection products that allow:

  • Protection of pipes from harsh environments usually found in sewer headspace.
  • Restore the structural capacity of deteriorated pipes through trenchless technology application.
  • Complete renewal of fully deteriorated pipes through trenchless technology application.

TCI offers products for protective liners as well as products for structural repair and complete renewal of existing pipes, culverts, and sewer trunks using Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Polymers (CFRP) and structural liners. 

Extremely high bond strength to existing moist/damp concrete surfaces allows TCI coating system to stay adhered to the substrates under high negative hydrostatic pressure. Our products were proved to resist at least 14 bars of negative hydrostatic pressure with at least a safety factor of 2.

Consult our professional engineers to get advice on the most suitable products for your needs. Get more detailed information about TCI ProTecStrong SPL and TCI CarbonStrong SPL.

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