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Extraordinary Strength

TCI Carbon Fibre Technologies Inc. has developed revolutionary new Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) products, Thermoset Epoxy Products and techniques that support the construction,  repair and rehabilitation of most infrastructure supporting our communities.

TCI Project Spotlight

TCI Carbon Fibre is used in 1000s of feet of infrastructure right now - here are just a few examples:

TCI Carbon Fibre has received full accreditation and certification from the following governing bodies:

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TCI Products have passed NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 certification

TCI Carbon Fibre products have also been fully tested and approved by ALS Global. ALS Global has industry experts and accredited laboratories around the world that specialize in sampling and testing wastewater and trade effluents. Their laboratories provide testing to meet effluent limits in accordance with national and local regulatory requirements.
TCI - Infrastructure technology is used by leading regions and municipalities
TCI - Infrastructure is a proud member of the CUIIC
A world-class hub for research, innovation
and education in underground infrastructure

TCI Carbon Fibre is revolutionizing the renewal and repair of:

The TCI Family of Products

TCI products are specially formulated for structural protection and repair of existing infrastructure. In addition, TCI protective coating systems can be applied at the pre-construction phases to protect and extend the service life of special infrastructure (Tunnels, wastewater trunks, water pipes, tanks/structure, culverts, etc.).